Losing 10 lbs in 10 days?


So you have that wedding next weekend, maybe that beach trip or a class reunion and you need to lose that last ten pounds quick, but how do you do it? Losing ten pounds in ten days is not the easiest task, nor is it always the healthiest, however it can be done. This is not a long term solution, and two to three pounds a week is a much safer rate, but sometimes you need to shed those extra pounds at the last minute. 

There are some simple to follow tasks that can help you burn that extra weight. One thing you can do is go on a juice fast diet. There are many of these juice diets out there, do some research and choose one that is right for you. In most cases you can not simply just blend up your favorite fruit and drink only that every day, because it would be far too high in sugar content. The specific diets will guide you on how to make your juice concoction so that you are getting all the nutrients needed, as well as speeding up your metabolism. Follow a fast that is know to work, do not just try and wing it.

If living off of just fruit juice is not in your game plan, than try and drop you caloric intake substantially. If you are normally taking in over 2000 calories, cut it to 1500 instead. This is a difficult task for many people and requires you to be very careful about what you take in. Cutting your calories can cause a heavy burden on your body, you will definitely want to be taking a good multi-vitamin to support your body through its weight loss. Choose your foods wisely and the pounds will fall off.

One even less drastic option is to go on a low carb type of diet. This is the easiest ad safest of all the methods listed, its very easy to control your carb. intake. You can choose on of many of the low carb diets available, just go with one that really limits your carb intake, and stick with it! Many people can lose five, or ten pounds there first week of a diet like this, because there body needs to make such a drastic adjustment.

Regardless of why you want to lose the weight, any one of these methods will get you there. You really want to be careful when doing these, as they do take a toll on your body.  Always drink a lot of water, this will also help in your weight loss, as it will help flush toxins out of your system, and make sure to take a good multi-vitamin. Follow these steps and you will be into that dress or suit in no time!

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