Finding a weight loss partner


Losing weight and dieting can often seem like an uphill battle. Day in and day out you struggle with eating well, and sticking to an exercise program. One thing that can help this battle is having a partner or partners to go through it with. Getting the help of your friends, your family, or a good weight loss support group can be the difference between losing those pounds, and keeping them on. The support of others can help encourage you, and overcome any potholes you may find on your journey of losing weight.

Committing to helping someone else lose there excess weight will definitely help as an added boost to you losing yours. It can be a friend, co worker, or old room mate. You do not even have to live in the same area to be partners in weight loss. With the internet, and cell phones it is very easy to check in with one another and provide support. You can share photos of your progress with each other as motivation. You can help each other out with different diet and exercise tips, and even chat while you are both getting your exercise on your evening walk. When you can lose weight together, you have a common fight and a common bond, and you can really build a strong friendship around that.

Family members can often offer support in unexpected ways. Your motivation to get healthy and lose weight may bring your family even closer. Small compliments from your loved ones can go a long way when you are dieting and losing weight. Also, be aware that there might be people who will sabotage you, whether it be intentional or not. If your husband or wife is always bringing you ice cream when they make one, they probably think that they are doing something sweet. Let them know in a nice way that there are things you would rather have than ice cream.

One other alternative is to join a weight loss group. Whether it is a simple support group, or a group of people all following the same diet and exercise plan, having the support of a group that is going through the same steps you are is crucial to your weight loss. Healthy competition that can stem from these groups can also add to your motivation to lose weight.

Whatever route you choose to take, it is important to get others involved in your weight loss. Tasks are always accomplished quicker and more efficiently when there is someone rooting you on and pulling for your success. Find the right person or group of people, and you may be surprised at how much it will help in your weight loss plan!

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